Let’s get ready! – tips for city walks

Let’s get ready tips? City walk? Now? Are you serious? – justified questions. Everyone thought finally it is time for excursions and travelling. We all have already done the packing, and were about to lock the door behind us. But unfortunately at least in Hungary we still have to wait for a while.

I hope to see you soon face to face in Tokaj. Until that moment, prepare for the traveling in mind, feel free to browse in these opportunities or read the blog!

In the descriptions of the guided tours you will find the duration of the program and the walking distance too. But also, let me give you some helpful tips on how to prepare for a walk in Tokaj.

The most important thing is to be open-minded and unprejudiced! Don’t be afraid to come for a guided tour! The tour guide – it’s me, is not an alien, and I don’t bite.

It is basic of our profession at least as I think, give the factual and objective communication of knowledge. But I try to give all the information to you in an experiential, humorous, way. Nor am I impressed by a dry, ‘born in this house, lived and worked here, etc’ tale said it by a bored face person. As a result, I try not to do so.

What to wear?

Convenient, practical dress. Now you could say, ‘thanks, you helped a lot’. I know comfort means something different to everyone. Mainly come in your most comfortable shoes, because we will walk. The already well-trodden shoes are the best. However be it sports shoes or the everyday “urban rusher”.

Sandals may still be good, but I do not recommend slippers, high heels, especially stiletto heels. The weather can make us joke in early spring and late fall, so it is not a disadvantage if the shoes are lined and thick-soled.

Clothes and accessoires

Do not wear tight clothes! It is important not to squeeze or rub your body anywhere! This is especially true for underwear, socks and pants. The outerwear is practically layered. You can take it off, as the wise old men said, but if you feel cold, the walking experience won’t be real.

How about accessories? A hat or cap always comes in handy (against the sun in summer, against the cold wind in autumn and winter). I leave the scarf, shawl, gloves to you. If the weather is gloomy, or rain is predicted, in my opinion a raincoat is better than an umbrella.

Neither the fashion nor the protocol is an aspect at all here, except for visit a church.

Nice-to-have things on a city walk

The guided tours aren’t long, but the brain and body need refreshing sometimes. So a refilled water bottle may come in handy. I also try to keep in my mind the environmental considerations during the walks.

A backpack can be useful in which you can put the most necessary things. Plus, you can “cling” to its shoulder-strap so you don’t keep your hands hanging all the time. If you have other plans besides the guided tour and you walk all day, hanging your hands, your fingers may swell up by evening. A bag carried on either shoulder or arm will no longer be comfortable, even less by the end of the day. Beleive me.

Sunglasses, sunblock. As the joke says, it is an advantage, but not expected. If your eyes are more sensitive to bright lights, the direct or reflected sunlight makes you narrow your eyes all day and it is not comfortable either. Again, I leave the sunscreen to you.

Tools and companions

Tools and companions e.g. your nordic walking stick, stroller, or four-legged members of the family (dog, cat) are welcome for most tours. Sure for sure check the pictograms under the tour information. Dogs and cats are not allowed in some places (eg museum, church, some cellars). The routes can also be used with strollers and wheelchairs, but there is a tiny problem with access to the buildings. But the pictogram also indicates this.

There are benches around the fairytale points, as I call each stop, but they may not be free. If take a sit is a life or death case, I suggest you to bring your own shooting stick.

I hope these ‘let’s get ready tips’ were useful and you also got the urge to visit Tokaj, take a guided tour. If you have any questions, feel free to write me. I will try to answer as soon as possible. Don’t think too hard about getting ready! :)